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The stress-free way to program your preschool dance classes

Sep 20, 2021

There’s no question about it: preparing for your preschool dance classes can be overwhelming and stressful! 


There is so much to consider, from song selection and themes to content, props, skill progression, and timing. Trying to tick all the boxes while delivering your creative classes isn’t always simple!


Even if you’ve hired a teacher, giving them structure will help them build the perfect preschool class. 

The best (and simplest!) way to do that? 

By breaking down your class structure into small sections. 

Read on and we’ll show you how.


Make The Class Entrance Active

For your little ones, the class should start as soon as they walk into the doors of your studio. 

A great idea is to have your assistant teacher chatting with the students as they arrive to get them ready and excited.


Use The Same Welcome Song

Repetition and familiarity are key for this age group. 

Playing the same song as they walk into class each week helps students know it’s time to start. 

You can support this by keeping the class layout the same. This way students learn what they should do when they arrive, like putting their water bottles away and where to sit.



The warm-up is all about getting the energy out and big movements to increase students’ gross motor function. This makes it the perfect time for props and interactive activities.


Keeping movements repetitive and consistent each week is always a plus. For a fun addition, consider a “follow the leader” warm-up song.


Warm-ups can also compliment the intention and skills of the class. If the intention is musicality, for example, then you can thread those elements throughout the warm-up. 


Build Foundations With Travelling Movements

This is where we really focus on the intention of the class.


Get clear on the student goals and skills you want your preschoolers to achieve throughout the whole year. 


Once teachers are aware of the milestones and skills students should be learning, it’ll be a breeze to structure your across-the-floor movements. 


Then you’ll see just how awesome it is to show parents as their children reach new milestones in dance class.


Build Choreography Around Lyrics

We are big fans of songs with follow-along lyrics. Use symbols and terms this age group can relate to to help them learn faster. Think about ideas like:

  • Hopping like a bunny
  • Fast like a flash
  • Slow like a snail

This way they start to understand what the movement is, what their body needs to look like, and the name of the movement. 

Less is more when it comes to preschoolers. Don’t consistently chop and change positions. Gradual and slower-paced transitions are where it’s at for this age group.


How To End The Class

With the right end-of-the-class ritual, your students will always leave class with a big smile. 


The use of an end-of-class song, for example, helps students wind down while letting them know it’s time to get ready for home. 


It’s also the perfect reward time. In our experience, sticker charts are always a big winner and students look forward to running out to mum and dad to let them know what they’ve achieved.


Set Yourself Up For Success

Programming preschool classes can make or break you, but with preparation, we know you’ll succeed!


Always assess what students can and can’t do so you’ll know what you’ll have to revisit or break down for future lessons.


Be prepared and be consistent and your students are sure to get the most out of each class! 

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